The SAP Big Data Bus: Are you on it or under it?

The picture is now crystal clear for me around SAP’s Big Data strategy for existing/new clients and for eco-system partners announced a few weeks ago.

Also very cool that SAP created an SAP Big Data Tour bus which is a mobile showcase of SAP’s Big Data solutions, which is staffed by experts and packed with demos. Wish I would have time to see it live earlier this month in SF! (Perhaps at TechEd?)

SAP Big Data Bus

SAP HANA is an incredible powerful solution to achieve real-time insight in order for your business to gain competitive advantages in various scenarios. The challenge I believe some have had…how HANA fits into a larger picture of a company’s structured and unstructured data strategy in and around their SAP deployments, which in some cases can amount to PBs of data.

The concept of “Temperature of Data” comes up in more and more customer conversations we tend to have. Where do you deploy “Hot”, “Warm”, “Cold” data and how do you manage those data sources with the various technology solutions such as traditional RDMS, In-Memory solutions, and solutions for unstructured data. How do you also provide a foundation to build out the right infrastructure (on-premise, off-premise, or a combination of both) for all this data?

The piece that I think becomes further clarified in this strategy is; how do you take it a step further and provide abilities and insights for how data can also move between each of the data sources based on policies driven by changing business climates.

Vijay Vijayasankar did a great job outlining this future SAP Big Data direction including the SAP HANA Data Platform in an SCN blog post the other week.

There is no question that Big Data represents a tremendous opportunity to gain competitive advantages for all kinds of organizations. Take for example, Americas Cup racing which is going on right now with the impressive AC72 Sailboats collecting massive amounts of data in real-time about conditions around them (winds, speeds, currents, and efficiencies) to improve accuracy and decision making to sail faster and more safely.

If you havent checked out the Human Face of Big Data project, spend some time getting to know the stories about how Big Data is impacting and changing the world to be a better place. Incredibly inspiring stories about Big Data use cases in various cultures and geographies around the world.

Another example is how our own Organization (EMC IT) is using a combination of Big Data solutions including SAP HANA to gain better insight and decision making showcased in last week’s SAP webcast “Why EMC IT chose SAP HANA”
If you take the time to listen to the webcast recording you will learn how EMC has taken critical business processes that use to take 2 hrs (and sometimes not complete at all) down to 5 mins in order to get better insight and execute better decisions in Real-Time.

So how does EMC fit into this SAP Big Data strategy?
– First of all, many of us in EMC’s SAP practice feel it’s a very sound Big Data strategy hence we tend to have these conversations with clients supporting this strategy.
– Secondly, when SAP clients embark upon a Big Data journey deploying SAP HANA, Sybase IQ, Hadoop, they will constantly look for ways to reduce the $ cost per/TB in each environment as well as in the overall data center architecture while maintaining the right SLA based on each business use case. Some of these deployments will be on-premise, some off-premise and some in a hybrid architecture…either way we believe EMC’s close integration with VMware (and being the parent company) will be absolutely key in this conversation as clients manage risk, cost and innovation.
– Third, another area that we find ourselves in customer conversations is around Data Center Readiness for Big Data including SAP HANA deployments. Clients are looking for rock solid HA, Backup/Recovery as well as Disaster Tolerance solutions which are areas that EMC has 30+ years experience and has laid the foundation for most SAP clients in their existing architectures.

EMC Accelerates the SAP Big Data Bus!

EMC Accelerates the SAP Big Data Bus!

If you are interested to learn more on this topic, attend our next SAP Week event in SAP’s Houston EBC Nov 5th-7th.

“Uber” Automate your SAP Landscape

There is a huge opportunity to modernize the legacy platforms that SAP customers are running on in order to: lower overall costs, increase agility, reduce risk, and free up funds for innovation to help customers gain competitive advantages in their respective industries.

In previous blog posts I outlined my thoughts on a Private Cloud for SAP strategy to accomplish these goals. Key foundations of this strategy are leveraging x86, VMware Virtualization and driving Automation and Orchestration in your SAP landscapes.

In recent keynotes, I have heard SAP executives tell the story about “why does it takes 35 clicks to order a new laptop from the company that you work for, yet it only takes 3 clicks on your mobile phone to order a pizza from Papa John’s”. Clearly there is an opportunity to improve business processes and drive automation in many aspects of businesses including IT organizations.

In the last few months I have starting to use “Uber” (“Everyone’s Private Driver”) for car services in my home town as well as on business trips. For those who don’t know Uber, they have an absolutely brilliant business model leveraging existing executive car services empowering them with technology that benefit the drives with higher utilization rate, the customers – with a reliable, easy to use and friendly customer experience and of course Uber (the company). When you have the Uber app on your iPhone, it literally only takes 1 click to order a car service, get picked up and dropped off, and payments are automatically taken care of. Your Uber profile works with the GPS on your phone and your pre-populated credit card info in the app…stepping out of the car to get dropped off without having to sign anything feels a bit odd the first few times, but then you come to appreciate the simplicity of the experience.

Papa John’s took our end user customer experience from 35 clicks to 3…Uber just elevated the Automation to 1 click. Can we do the same in the Automation and Orchestration of our SAP landscapes? Certainly there are policies and compliance requirements, which have to be followed when provisioning applications and infrastructure resources around SAP, however what if we were able to “Uber Simplify” these tasks? Perhaps we would be accelerating the paradigm of our SAP customers, thus allowing them to spend more budget on Innovation vs keeping the “lights on”?

I am very interested to see the progress of SAP Application and Infrastructure Automation solutions such as SAP’s NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM), VCE’s Vision, Cisco Intelligent Automation, EMC’s ViPR (Software-Defined Platform Strategy), VMware’s vCloud portfolio etc. to achieve these goals.

Let’s set a goal to “Uber Automate” our SAP customers’ application and infrastructure environments!

Top 11 items I am fired up about for SAP Sapphire in Orlando this week

Sapphire Image new

In no particular order…

1. SAP Partner Summit, which I am at right now to hear the direction of SAP from a partner perspective, especially with recent disruptive technology announcements of HANA Suite, HEC (HANA Enterprise Cloud), etc.

2. SAP presenting HFOBD (Human Face of Big Data) story at an exclusive event tonight at 6.30 pm – Steve Lucas SAP EVP & Rick Smolan are presenting the HFOBD project which is very interesting considering EMC was one of the founding sponsors of this project. Perhaps this is another area of “glue” between SAP and EMC that will accelerate this week (?)

3. Customer meetings while at Sapphire AND the # of customer meetings (8 as of now) you can fit over 3-4 days. I look forward to asking questions, listening, sharing our strategy and sharing my views on how we can better align around our SAP customer’s goals and initiatives.

4. SAP Ecosystem Partner meetings with SIs, SPs, and Boutique consulting firms (7 as of now) to better understand how we can work together in the SAP Ecosystem to Co-Innovate faster for our joint customers. Just had the fortune to have lunch with Alexander Zeier of Accenture who is one of the original founders of HANA with Hasso Platner and also co-author of “In-Memory Data Management” by Plattner – Zeier. Need to get a copy signed by my new friend Alexander.
Alezander Zeier Sapphire 2013

5. Meetings and interactions with SAP including all the SAP Mentors. I am fortunate to have many good friends at SAP who have helped me tremendously in navigating the inner SAP circle as well as the partner ecosystem. Always look forward to spending some quality time with some of these guys who I view as some of the top innovators and thought leaders in the industry.

6. SAP Executive Keynotes: Bill McDermott (co-CEO), my Danish/Swedish friend Jim Hagemann Snabe (Co-CEO), Vishal Sikka (CTO) and Hasso Plattner (Founder and head of the Board). The SAP Sapphire keynotes are always entertaining and Grande. Last year they started with Actor Gabriel Byrne giving a 15 mins SAP Strategy and value prop. Who doesn’t like a top actor from one of the best movies of all time (Usual Suspects) kicking off a corporate keynote?!
I also sent a message to Jim Hagemann Snabe to see if he is open for a 10 mins Danish/Swedish “Kaffe rast” (Scandinavian Coffee moment)…doubt that he has time. But who knows 🙂

7. Our friends Dave Vellante & John Furrier from Wikibon, SiliconAngle TV, the Cube are here. We got some time with them in the Cube on Tuesday afternoon – I love these guys; they deliver news and information in “Real Time” (just like HANA). These guys make me think of one of my favorite quotes (I believe it came from Bill McDermott): “Make the news…don’t report the news”

8. A ton of EMC, EMC IT, VCE, VMware, Cisco and Partner Presentations going on the whole week in theater format, micro forums as well in various booth locations. Way too many to mention however, if you are interested, the ones I am involved in are Wednesday at Noon in the Partner Theater around Private Cloud for SAP & Thursday at 4 pm at VMware’s booth around Why VMware + EMC for SAP

9. Evening events! Between Customer dinners and partner evening events, the schedule could not be more filled up. I will probably hit the following events this week: Partner Summit Reception (Mon), HFOBD Reception (Mon), Optimal Solutions (Mon), Wipro (Tues), Secure24/EMC/Sparta Consulting (Tues), Microsoft (Tues), CapGemini (Wed), CSC/EMC (Wed), Deloitte/EMC (Wed). We will also need some sleep somewhere in between these events and the morning keynotes!!

10. Social Media Action with Twitter, LinkedIn, Sap Community Network (SCN), Blogs, Everything SAP at EMC etc. The SAP Ecosystem are professionals at social media. They practically live on Twitter (especially the SAP Mentors). Expect to see some Tweets using #SAPP2P (Partner Summit) and #Sapphirenow (for the main event) combined with #EMC, VCE and so on. Feel free to join the Twitteracci fun with us. Rumor has it @sylvie75016 & @cstreubert came prepared for major battle 🙂

11. Vblock for SAP users Group Thursday at 5.30 pm at the Peabody. In 2013 if you are NOT deploying a Private Cloud for SAP (On Premise or Off Premise with a Service Provider) to reduce your current TCO, my prediction is that you will fall in the innovation curve for the ability to be more Agile…reacting and moving at the pace that the business comes to expect in order to have a competitive edge.

P.S. Rumor also has it that EMC EVP & CMO, Jeremy Burton will be here for the SAP CMO Forum on Wednesday. That would very cool. Lets bring out some Transformation Mojo from EMC World!!


Getting Inspired and “Transformed” at EMC World while preparing for SAP Sapphire next week

Having a ton of fun at EMC World 2013 in Las Vegas having great conversations with customers, partners and internal EMCers, many of which are “change agents” in the SAP Ecosystem and make an impact for all. Not only am I seeing how our SAP customers and partners looking for new ways to Transform, but also how EMC is stepping up to help customers truly “Lead Your Transformation” which is the theme of the conference!
Had an opportunity to present our SAP Cloud & HANA strategy at the Global Partner Summit on Monday afternoon followed by conversations with those partners on their SAP business, which was very cool!
Also had an opportunity to chat with John Furrier & Dave Vellante on the Cube Tuesday afternoon about topics that I am very passionate about including finding new innovative ways to enage and aligning with customers & partners in the SAP Ecosystem as well as leverage Social for collaboration. We talked about the impact of SAP Week at EMC’s EBC over the last few weeks, how we have change the model from pitching our SAP customers products a few years back to discussing and collaborating with our SAP clients using customer-to-customer engagement models to focus on HOW EMC Solutions can help our SAP customers solve their Application and Infrastructure challenges and requirements as their Transforming their SAP environments. Also spoke about the idea we came up with during dinner with Mike Harding (SAP Architect on EMC IT Project Propel) about having him document EMC IT’s HANA journey on twitter using the @putitonHANA twitter handle. Just a brilliant new way of communicating valuable information to the Ecosystem. We need to be doing more cool things like that! 🙂
Check out the Cube video for more here…

I am now Inspired to head to SAP Sapphire next week in Orlando to continue my own Transformation journey as well as contuning contributing to the journey of our SAP ecosytem customers and partners!
But before that…Bruno Mars is rocking the house tonight at EMC World 🙂

This has to be another EMC record…April 11th 2013

Growing up in Stockholm Sweden I don’t think I ever heard the phrase “Go big or go home”. Perhaps it was somewhere along my journey in competitive tennis playing in college for the Wildcats that I became familiar with the phrase.

One of our goals is to be more relevant to our SAP customers, Ecosystem partners and internal EMCers in every conversation we have. By sponsoring and speaking at 4 different SAP related events globally in one day: April 11th, hopefully we get closer of achieving this goal. It also must be an EMC record! Perhaps even a SAP record of having a partner sponsoring and hosting SAP customer in 4 different locations (?). I need to check with my SAP marketing friends on this. Either way…Pretty cool 🙂

EMC is a sponsor and speaker at the SAP Cloud & Virtualization Week 2013 (#SAPvWeek) – April (9th-) 11th at SAP Labs in Palo Alto

EMC is a sponsor and speaker at the SAP High Tech Forum, April 11th at EMC Hopkinton, MA Briefing Center

EMC is a sponsor at the SAP Media Innovation Day April 11th in Universal City, CA

EMC is hosting customers at the SAP Week briefing event in Sydney, Australia on April 11th with speakers from SAP, EMC, VMware, VCE and Cisco

We are also passionate about our current ability to be relevant to our SAP customers around Cloud and Big Data including HANA. Last week I was fortune to hear one of Steve Lucas’ SAP keynote’s talking about SAP’s ability to help customers “innovate” and “move faster”. He also made the statement that the only way this can be achieved is to reduce the TCO on current SAP deployments in order to free up budget to deploy solutions like HANA, mobility, social solutions etc. With EMC and VCE’s current solutions portfolio, I don’t think we have ever been in a better position to help our current and future SAP customers achieve these goals and align closely with SAP’s strategy around Cloud and HANA. Take for example EMC IT’s transformation which displays incredible metrics and proof points on these topics. Check out these results published today in EMC Corporation IT Performance Report
If you attend one of the SAP events today on April 11th then you will get a preview on how we can accomplish this together!

What’s the next record we can break? Perhaps the # of days in my SAP runs better on EMC & VCE social media twitter campaign!

April 2013 is turning out to be “SAP Month” at EMC; Check out these events!

Looks like EMC will be painting our buildings “SAP Blue” in the months of April…and with the number of events EMC is sponsoring and speaking at SAP facilities in April, perhaps SAP should be using “EMC Blue” colors for their logo 🙂

We just came off one of the largest EBC events in the history of EMC with SAP Week at the end of February 2013. I looked at my schedule for Q2 to notice that we have a ton of SAP related events at EMC facilities as well as sponsorships at SAP events in SAP facilities coming up in April. How do we make sense of each event, when & where are they happening, and who should attend them?

SAP Technology Services Conference – April 1st-2nd at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, CA & April 4th-5th at SAP in Newtown Square, PA
SAP is hosting their first annual Technology Services Conference at the SAP Labs in Palo Alto on April 1st-2nd and at Newtown Square on April 4th-5th with five different tracks focused on delivering services solutions for Technical Implementation & Upgrades, IT Architecture & Content Collaboration, Cloud Platform & Virtualization, Testing Services and IT Security, Technical Integration & orchestration. EMC and VCE are co-sponsors and speakers at this SAP hosted event with our “Transforming SAP Landscapes building out Private Cloud for SAP Infrastructure” presentation. For loyal blog readers I may be able to help out with tickets ($650.00) for the 1st few that send me a note.

SAP Cloud & Virtualization Week (SAP vWeek) – April 9th-11th at SAP Labs in Palo Alto
SAP has been hosting this very popular event for many years which gives SAP customers and partners an opportunity to learn how to achieve greater business agility and TCO savings with SAP technology and solution offerings by effectively leveraging cloud and virtualization technologies. EMC is a sponsor and speakers at this SAP hosted event with a “Private Cloud for SAP” presentation.

SAP High Tech Forum, April 11, 2013 at EMC Hopkinton, MA Briefing Center
The SAP High Tech Forum is an SAP led event which happens to be hosted at EMC’s Hopkinton, MA Briefing center. At this event you will you will hear from visionary business experts and executives how the new economy is affecting IT and corner office, and how you can capitalize on those trends to innovate in your business. You will also learn how other companies are harnessing the latest technologies to power growth and profitability. EMC will have a presentation slot with Tony Pagliarulo VP of IT at EMC on “EMC’s SAP Transformation“ (Project Propel for SAP Cloud and HANA).

SAP Media Innovation Day April 11th 2013 in Universal City, CA
The SAP Media Innovation Day is an SAP led forum event hosted in Universal City for the Media and Entertainment industry. EMC is one of the main sponsors at this event and will have resources available for SAP related conversations. At this event you will learn about recent advances in SAP solutions for the media and entertainment industry, SAP’s vision for innovation, best practices for managing the emerging digital supply chain to deal with the sudden increase of digital assets sold and distributed around the world.

SAP Week events in APJ – Asia Pacific & Japan (One day customer event)
In Mid April our friends in APJ will be hosting a set of SAP Week events in the following cities:
Sydney April 11th
Melbourne April 12th
Singapore April 15th & 16th
Bangalore April 18th & 19th
Beijing April 23rd & 24th

The SAP Week concept of having top resources available on various topics and foster customer-to-customer conversations on SAP application and infrastructure topics, has proven to be valuable and has grown in popularity. SAP Week APJ will have representation and presentations from EMC, VMware, VCE and SAP. Check out our recent SAP Week Santa Clara event summary which ended up being a fun event for customers, partners and EMCers. Please contact Sheena Chen or John Clifford for further details on these events and to RSVP

SAP Week East – April 23rd-25th at EMC’s Hopkinton, MA EBC facility – (One day customer event)
End of April EMC is taking the SAP Week event concept out to our headquarters outside Boston for the first time. There has already been tremendous feedback with a large number of RSVP’s from interested SAP customers. The concept of bringing in the very best SAP subject matter experts from EMC, Cisco, VMware, VCE and SAP from around the world, with SAP customer presentations on relevant topics, EMC IT presenting our SAP transformation as it relates to Cloud and HANA as well as fostering an environment to encourage customer to customer discussions during the day and at dinner…keeps proving to be a valuable formula. Come check out SAP Week East…to learn why SAP Week in Santa Clara was the largest EBC event in the history of EMC. Ken Saul from our Global SAP Practice team is running point on this SAP Week East event and can share more details.

SAP Week EMEA – April 23rd-25th at Cork, Ireland EBC facility – (One day customer event)
My fellow Swedish friend and collogue, Joakim Zetterblad, has been putting together SAP Weeks in EMEA for a few years now out of the EMC Cork, Ireland briefing center. Just like the US events have grown in participation, I am hearing that customers have had great feedback from attending previous events including the one in June 2012. It doesn’t surprise me that Joakim and his team put on a great event, he is an incredible professional business executive with a customer first mind set. One of the keynote presenters at this year’s EMEA event is Bill Reid from EMC IT Project Propel who keeps being a highlight for customers. Please contact myself or Joakim Zetterblad for further info on this event.

Since the topic of this blog post is April being an SAP Month at EMC…I will not mention EMC World May 6th-9th in Las Vegas or EMC’s presence at SAP Sapphire May 14th-16th in Orlando, FL

In February we hit a big milestone with the SAP Week event…let’s break another record in the month of April with the most number of SAP customer engagements in one month in the history at EMC! Come to learn, collaborate and have fun with us in April. Can’t wait to write a summary of these events at the end of April 

SAP Week Feb 2013…largest EBC event in the history of EMC!

For a few years we have been putting together SAP Week events in our west coast Santa Clara Executive Briefing Center (EBC) that have gained popularity over the years. These SAP Week events have been well attended with SAP customers, partners and SAP related resources from EMC, Cisco, VMware, VCE and SAP. Last week we just hosted another SAP Week event in Santa Clara with 30 different SAP customers over three days, where each customer could attend for one full day. The theme of the SAP Week event was SAP Cloud and SAP HANA.
EBC Picture

Most SAP customers brought on average 6-7 attendees, some as many as 10 attendees. Seven of these customers are in the Fortune 100. This number of SAP customers in our EBC actually made SAP Week Feb 2013 the largest EBC event in the history at EMC. Not a bad record to break considering EMC has been around for 30 + years…I was inspired to see the turnout and thought this accomplishment for EMC was pretty cool 🙂

So what does that mean? We clearly have EMC events with more than 210 customers attending (30 clients x 7 per client = 210) at for example EMC World, EMC Forums etc. The difference at SAP Week is that this is not a conference where customer attends vendor presentations in a large group format…SAP Week was 30 different individuals, one day of executive briefings with tailored agendas for each client based on desired SAP related topics.
We like to start the day in joint keynote sessions with all the customers in one room. This year we had a SAP SVP of Technology (Wed & Thurs) and a SAP VP of Technology (Tues) kickoff keynote sessions with SAP strategy as it relates to Cloud/Virtualization and HANA. Both of them did an incredible job to start the day on the right path. We then had a customer present as a 2nd keynote session with Columbia Sportswear (Tues) and EMC IT (Wed & Thurs) walking through their Private Cloud for SAP and HANA (EMC IT) deployments. The day is followed by individual breakout sessions and discussions on topics that were relevant to each SAP client.

SAP Week Feb 2013 Intro

One of the cool things about SAP Week is obviously by bringing in a large number of SAP customers in one place over 3 days, we can get the very best speakers and facilitators available from EMC and our partner organizations (including SAP)…but the most valuable aspect of SAP Week is the opportunity to have SAP customers meet and talk to each other about similar challenges, initiatives and requirements that they may have. We do this during the lunch user group session and at dinner each night. One great example of this customer to customer collaboration which I was fortunate to see happen right in front of me on Wednesday night during dinner; two different large SAP clients talked about their current projects and realized that they were both multiyear Greenfield SAP rollouts in the process of completely redesigning their business process using SAP with a go live day within a few months from each other. Both these SAP clients are building out Private Cloud for SAP architectures and it turns out they are also working with the same Systems Integrator on the project, including deploying similar database architectures for high availability for their SAP ERP rollouts. Guess they were interested in chatting?!! Connecting these two different SAP customers which are located in different cities during SAP Week, in addition to offering them a great briefing experience with top technical resources, is what SAP Week is all about! Helping our SAP customers in their journey above and beyond us explaining why and how other SAP customers use EMC and VMware technologies…is why I get out of bed every day. Hopefully these two clients were as inspired as I was by being able to connect the two of them, and more importantly I hope they stay in touch to compare notes as they go live on their projects, and then work on optimizing their SAP environments.

Another very valuable aspect of SAP Week for the 2nd time in a row now is our friends from Columbia Sportswear speaking as a keynote about their Private Cloud for SAP deployment. Their ability to leverage cloud architectures to drive incredible time-to-market is game changing. They have truly turn their IT organization from an organization “keeping the lights on” to providing real value to their business…in some cases able to move 3-4x times faster than their business can. Our friends from Columbia can tell you all about how they have accomplished this if you get a chance to see them at Sapphire in Orlando.
I also have to give a huge thanks to Bill Reid from EMC IT Project Propel, who graciously agreed to come out to the west coast for 3 days to present and meet with customers in person. Bill is the Director of Architecture and the Global Technical Lead on the Propel project. One story that Bill spoke about in his keynote was the importance of being able to provision a copy of his entire SAP Production landscape less than 3 days (around 70 VMs including the build-out of the SAP systems which drives around 450K SAPS), only months before his go live (in the 27 months project) due to the requirement of building out another performance environment to fix an issue. Normally, in a physically SAP environment, creating a full Production landscape would take weeks. He shared that due to the Private Cloud for SAP architecture based on Vblock systems which he has deployed, he could pull this off in 3 days and save the project from delaying its go live date. Bill also joked about this ability to execute lighting fast to meet this business requirement this close to the project go live date…saved his job!

Another favorite moment during SAP Week was in one of the customer sessions with one of our colorful VCE SAP resources (Mr. Socks) walked through why Vblock for SAP. A Director of IT from one of the customers who attended stated that while this is great, he has built out his own Private Cloud for SAP architecture with various individual components…CIO turned to his Director of IT and said, “then why is the architecture you put together not nearly as efficient as a Vblock?!!”. Just priceless!
We also had one of our SAP HANA technical resources, Christoph Streubert, spend some time with a large healthcare provider. Before this SAP Week event, this customer had not considered deploying HANA in the near future. After Christoph walked through the value that HANA can bring to a customer including pertinent use cases that can transform this healthcare organization to provide better value to their customer…and by doing so, providing better healthcare for their patients…the CIO said “Let’s do it…I want one”. #Puremagic

It was also very cool that many of our Vblock for SAP user group members came out to SAP Week…looking forward to seeing you guys at Sapphire Orlando!

Lastly, two SAP customers that put great color on our event was a very large beverage distributer from Mexico City (who we celebrated by serving their very recognizable beer during one of the dinners) and a very prominent Italian Designer who came all the way from Italy. Some of our great staff at our Santa Clara EBC was trying to figure out how to say “employee discounts” in Italian 🙂
If you want to get experience at an SAP Week event, you don’t have to wait long since we have two SAP Week events running the same week at the end of April in Hopkinton, MA and Cork, Ireland. SAP Week East & SAP Week EMEA. Come join us to also get inspired…and collaborate with your peers!