VCE announcing “Unleash Simplicity” (…for SAP)

Yesterday VCE Company announced a complete refresh of their converged infrastructure systems family; purpose-built solution for virtualized workloads (called Vblock). With this announcement VCE continues to display their clear leadership around innovation for their existing and potential future customers. The theme of this announcement was “Unleash Simplicity”, which embodies the fundamental value proposition of VCE’s solution to drive acceleration of time-to-value (rapid deployments) while reducing complexity and TCO of IT infrastructure. For those of you who are not aware: VCE is a joint venture between Cisco & EMC with investments from VMware and Intel which has achieved great success over the last 3 years as discussed in the announcement from EMC this past Wednesday: VCE Vblock demand hits Billion dollar run rate three years after launch with over 1,000 Vblock systems shipped. I was fortunate to be in the Santa Clara area for a few days this week, at the hotel where the VCE Customer Advisory Board was taking place prior to the announcement. Had some great conversations with VCE executives and customers about the accomplishments that been achieved over the last few years with Vblock for SAP as well as what this new announcement means to SAP customers.

The Vblock platform has proven to be a great choice for SAP customers which I have pointed out in previous blog posts. This Vblock product refresh will enable SAP customers to gain even better metrics when deploying a purpose-built integrated infrastructure stack to optimize SAP workloads. For SAP use cases the new Vblock320 and Vblock720 is enhanced with greater configuration flexibility for compute, network and storage. These two platforms now have twice the capacity and performance capabilities, allowing SAP customers to scale-out to the highest levels of SLA requirements.

VCE also announced Vision Intelligent Operations Software to simplify management of Vblocks’ with capabilities around improved intelligent discovery, comprehensive awareness and open API integration with third party management tools. VCE executives described VCE Vision as a next generation dashboard that a customer would expect to have in a new car.

In addition, as part of the announcement yesterday, VCE released what they call a “specialized system” certified for SAP HANA which is a purpose-built Vblock for HANA workloads “enabling rapid and efficient deployment of this powerful in-memory computing and database platform with unsurpassed scale and performance”. This is intriguing for a couple of reasons…
SAP HANA potential customers and partners often tell us they want to make the technology (appliance) decision a “check box”. We also continuously hear that customers want a HANA appliance solution that can be trusted, simple, and flexible.
At this point SAP requires hardware vendors to come up with certified Pre-packaged “HANA appliance” (based on the current HANA PAM). In my opinion there is nobody better equipped to execute on these principles than VCE’s HANA appliance since VCE has a 3-year track record of building converged infrastructure solutions (for SAP ERP and other workloads) that is a purpose-built, pre-architected, pre-integrated, pre-tested and standardized solution. A perfect fit for SAP HANA 🙂

So what are the analysts saying about VCE’s ability to build converged infrastructure solutions:
Gartner names VCE market share leader for integrated infrastructure systems
IDC study from 2012 says VCE Vblock Systems enable 5X faster deployment, 4X less staff resource time, 83X better availability and 3X lower cost

With this VCE announcement yesterday I am truly inspired to “Unleash Simplicity” with over 30 different SAP customers next week in our Santa Clara EBC for SAP Week. Not only do we have powerful customer success stories to share around Private Cloud for SAP and SAP HANA…but now we also have a refreshed solution set from VCE to hopefully allow us an opportunity to do an even better job of helping customers reduce TCO, improve SLAs, reduce Risk and ultimately improve their end user’s experiences in their SAP journeys in 2013!
Unleash Simplicity

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