Finding the inspiration to write…after attending Sapphire Madrid

Around 2 years ago I came across Simon Sinek’s work (Ted video and book) which altered my approach to business in a positive way. Some of Simon’s core values that he discusses in his work and gives examples around are: “Challenging the status quo”, “Inspiring” and “Innovation”.

Every week now I tend to evaluate where my time is being spent and how to formulate my ideas. I find myself incorporating these core values more and more in my professional dealings with customers, partners and my peers…trying to be a “Change Agent”.

Challenging the status quo. Life is a ton more fun if you constantly look for ways to do a better job in solving the problem you are already solving today, or finding ideas to create new opportunities and markets.

Inspiring others (or being Inspired): I get drawn to people and ideas that inspire me. And there is nothing more rewarding than when people around you give you feedback that you have inspired them to do something that impacts their life.

Innovation is the reason I work in technology. The pace of innovation in the technology industry is incredibly fast and seems to have accelerated in the last few years. I have an opportunity to constantly learn something new and be a part of transformation around me. There are some top organizations that do an incredible job innovating technologies (such as Intel and SAP with HANA) and they tend to constantly stay a few steps ahead of their competitors.

This past week I was fortunate to attend Sapphire Madrid for the first time after attending SAP TechEd and Sapphire in the U.S for a few years now. Not only did I have a ton of fun (the laugh “meter” went off the scale many times during the week), but most importantly, I was inspired every day which is the reason I decided to finally start writing a blog. I want to share my thoughts and experiences with others that may be interested.

At Sapphire Madrid I was inspired:

To meet and talk to EMEA based SAP customers
To have conversations with key leaders in the SAP partner community
To meet more of my EMC peers based in EMEA
To finally see SAP announce that HANA supports running in a VMware environment (non-Prod)
To work together with Cisco, VMware and VCE folks to impact SAP Cloud and HANA strategies
To have the opportunity for a short conversation in Swedish with SAP’s Co-CEO Jim Hagemann-Snabe (can’t recall meeting a Dane who speaks Swedish that well)
To hear SAP’s CTO Vishal Sikka mention the SAP TechEd Las Vegas “HANA Real-Time Race” in his keynote on Thursday afternoon…even though the HANA Race in Madrid didn’t happen. (I will not mention the piece of me personally thanking Vishal for doing this 🙂 )
To eat and drink amazing Spanish favorites including some top Ribera’s and Rioja’s with some amazing Pata Negra and Steak Tartars. I also learned that it’s possible to get certified in cutting Pata Negra in a 5 day course.
To watch an authentic Flamenco show in downtown Madrid at Corral de la Moreria with incredible craftsmanship by the artists
To see SAP customer: McLaren showcase their cars on the show floor

From time to time I will continue to write to share some ideas and experiences around what I am fortunate to come into contact with at EMC around the SAP ecosystem community that makes me Challenge the Status Quo, be Inspired (or Inspire others) and be part of driving Innovation to make the world a better place…or at least the technology industry 🙂